Affordable Home Care

Healing Begins at Home

Our Caregivers

It is the policy of AFFORDABLE HOME CARE to provide a safe and trained team of Caregivers. We strive to make the best possible effort to make the clients feel safe in their own environment. This is why we have developed the following personnel procedures.

  • Our Caregivers come into our company with at least 1-2 years of health care experience.
  • We check all references both personal and professional.
  • A criminal background check is conducted on ALL applicants.
  • Each applicant must successfully pass a written test comparable to the State CNA test.
  • During the orientation process each applicant must watch a series of films which include Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, elderly abuse, and body mechanics.
  • We conduct random drug testing for all employees.

We believe that keepng the same Caregiver in the home creates trust and mutual respect between Caregiver and Client which promotes healing — “healing” begins at home — home is where the heart is”.

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